Maritime Archaeology


The Maritime Archaeology Laboratory was founded in 2007, responding to a relevant clause of the UoP’s founding Chart, and is the only one of its kind being an integral part of the infrastructure of a university department in Greece. It aims at establishing the conduct of foundation research as well as teaching and research facilities for archaeology students focusing on the interface between cultures and the water world. It is emphatically devoted to the interdisciplinary scientific documentation of the maritime landscapes, especially of Greece and the Mediterranean. The Maritime Archaeology Laboratory is already recognized as instrumental in instituting an interdisciplinary methodological and theoretical research framework regarding the study of coastal zones.

Indeed, it leads the Archaeological Shoreline Research – A.Sho.Re., which sets a geoarchaeological frame to explore SE Kephallenia in the Ionian Sea, in collaboration with the acclaimed N.C.S.R. «Demokritos» and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (H.C.M.R.). A.Sho.Re. is an invited end-user of the FP 7 ITACA project (Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological Sites). The geoarchaeological project on the island of Kephallenia, the Ionian Sea, is a research platform approved to train and evaluate students in coastal field research and has cooperated with the Institute for Field Research (programmes 2014-2015- Read the Report here).

The Laboratory has all necessary technical and mechanical equipment, such as diving suits, compressors, pressure consoles, diving equipment and tools.

The Laboratory is currently organizing:

  • Teaching Collection: From rocks to lithics.
  • Research Collection: Palaeoenvironmental indices of inland palaeoshores.
  • Cartography Section: Nautical maps of Greece and the Mediterranean.
  • Digital Library.


Lab Director: Dr. Evyenia Yiannouli, Associate Professor
Postal address: Palaio Stratopedo – East Centre, Kalamata 24100, GREECE