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Our undergraduate study programme extends over 4 years (8 semesters). The main teaching language is Greek, but one-one-one tuition, as well as assistance is offered in almost all courses in English and/or German. Each course has a 3-hour duration and offers 3 Teaching Units.

Teaching methods are supported by new technologies and consist of:

  • Lectures
  • Labs and Workshops.
  • Practical training in virtual or actual environments.
  • Educational visits to spaces linked to the study programme.
  • Lectures and seminars by invited professionals of various sectors, to enrich the knowledge and aptitude pool of students.


Our BA programme is divided in two Thematic Cycles:

• History & Cultural Resources Management

• Archaeology & Cultural Resources Management

The combination of History and of Archaeology with Cultural Management allows students to expand their theoretical background and practical aptitudes. Furthermore, it enables them to seek professional occupation and development in numerous, diverse fields. For example:

  • Work in the private or the public sector in diverse cultural our tourism sectors, such as:
    • the Archaeological Service
    • museums of various topics
    • cultural centres
    • cultural institutions and organizations
    • tourism bureaus and agencies
  • Establish their own businesses or non-profit agencies in topics connected with the study, organisation and administration of various cultural activities.
  • Participate in the public recruitment exams to become secondary education teachers.
  • Pursue an academic or research career.