Alexios Savvides


Alexios Savvides, Professor, Dean of the School of Humanities and Cultural Studies (2016-)

Alexios G.C. Savvides (Athens, 1955) is Professor of Medieval and Byzantine history at Peloponnesos University (Kalamata). He served as Head of the Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Management (2010-2015). During 1985-2001 he was a research fellow in the Centre (Institute) of Byzantine Studies at the Hellenic National Research Foundation (Athens), while in 2001 he was elected Associate Professor and in 2005 Professor at the University of the Aegean (Department of Mediterranean Studies/ Rhodes). He has taught in several Universities in Greece and abroad and has participated in many international scholarly conferences; he is editor of a Byzantinological journal (Βyzantinos Domos) as well as of a Byzantine prosopographical dictionary (Encyclopaedic Prosopographical Lexicon of Byzantine History and Civilization) with contributions by many scholars from several countries, with a parallel English edition by the distinguished Belgian Brepols Puiblishers. Since 2010 he is also Vice-chairman of the Committee for Pontic Studies, in Athens. Ιn early 2016 he was elected Dean of the School of Humanities and Cultural Studies, at Kalamata, with a 4-years tenure.

Apart from his numerous historical publications in Greece and abroad (with books, monographs, studies-articles and contributions to internationally reputed encyclopedic works like the Encyclopaedia of Islam, the Encyclopaedia of the Crusades and the Lexikon der Byzantinistik), he has been researching classical music interpretation for several decades. He has authored books and articles on a variety of musicological topics -mainly a biographical dictionary (Great conductors. Athens, Patakes, 2008; 2nd ed. 2009; 3rd ed. forthcoming), a collection of articles (Essays in classical music education (Athens, Papazesses, 2009; 2nd ed. 2013; 3rd ed. 2016), as well as a monograph (Conductors on the internet, Athens, Herodotos, 2014; 2nd ed. 2015 3rd ed. 2016; 4th ed., 2017). He regularly contributes various articles, chronicles and reviews in the bi-monthly Polytonon journal of the Greek Composers Association.

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