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Photeine Perra, Assistant Professor

Photeine V. Perra, is an assistant professor at the University of the Peloponnese (Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management-Kalamata). She studied History at the Ionian University (Corfu) and completed her Ph.D. thesis at the Aegean University (Department of Mediterranean Studies-Rhodes). Her research interests are focused on the study of, the Latin Rule in Greek lands (1204-1797), the Hospitallers’ presence in Greece and the relations between Byzantium and Venice as well as between Venice and the Ottoman Empire.

She is a contributor to the Encyclopaedic Prosopographical Lexicon of Byzantine History and Civilization and a member of the editorial committee of the journal Domus Byzantinus, while she has published several articles and book presentations in various journals in Greece and abroad, as well as chapters in the multivolume “History of the Greek people”.

She has taught Medieval History courses at the Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Balkan and Mediterranean Studies and Research (Athens), as well as at the Aegean and Peloponnesos Universities, while she has been a Research Associate at the South African University of Johannesburg (Department of Greek and Latin Studies). She is also a member of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East.

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Contact details: email: perra@uop.gr

web: uop-gr.academia.edu/PhoteinePerra

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