Ioanna Spiliopoulou


Ioanna Spiliopoulou, Associate Professor

Ioanna Spiliopoulou studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens. Her postgraduate studies are on Classical and Christian Archaeology, Art History and Modern Greek Philology at the University of Bonn. She has a doctorate in Classical Archaeology, University of Bochum (specialising in Roman Archaeology). She taught Modern Greek Language, Literature and Culture at the University of Erlangen-Nürenberg (1982-2003) and Modern Greek Culture at the University of Würzburg (1994-97). In 2008 she was appointed Assistant Professor at the Department with the specialization Classics and History of Civilization; in 2017 she was elected Associate Professor with the specialization “History and Administration of Culture”.

She has taught at the joint MA programme “Moral Philosophy” of the Philosophy Department (UoP, 2010-2014) and at the MA “Sustainable Development” of the Harokopeion University (2014-2017). She is member of the Coordinating Committee and also teaches at the MA “Administration and Promotion of Cultural Resources and the Environment”. Additionally, she teaches at the MSc “Modern and Contemporary History: New considerations and perspectives” of the department.

She is the author of the monograph Kaiserzeitliche Grabaltäre Niedermakedoniens (Peleus 15, Mannheim und Möhnesee 2002). She has cooperated with Prof. Egert Poehlmann on book Drama and music in Antiquity (Kastaniotis Editions, Athens, 2000), while having jointly authored the monograph Ancient Greek Music in the context of Ancient Greek Poetry (Ionian University/Music Department, Corfu 2007). Jointly with A. Doulaveras she has edited the volume Messinia: Contributions to its history and culture (scientific supervision G. Xanthaki-Karamanou, Papazisis, Athens 2012). She has published articles on sepulchral Roman art, the reception of antiquity in Byzantium and the West, on Greek Neoclassicism, on Friedrich Thiersch, on Cultural Resources Management, Modern Greek Literature and teaching of Modern Greek.


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