The Department:

  • Organizes and hosts conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops for specialized as well as wide audiences.
  • Offers know-how to cultural and educational institutions, supporting their social and cultural operations. These two-way cooperations also promote the Department’s educational objectives.  
  • Is always open to Society, welcoming educational visits from schools and other groups.
  • Organizes various cultural and educational events, such as life-long learning seminars, concerts, documentary showings, etc.
  • Finally, faculty members are active on a local, national and international level, presenting their research results, responding to relevant invitations.

In order to book an educational visit to our Department or to apply for use of the Amphitheatre “Nikolaos Politis”, please contact the Dean’s Secretariat:

Tel. +30 27210 65101





The undergraduate study programme of DHACRM is certified by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (2018-2023) as “fully compliant” to a series of standards. Please read here the accreditation report