The Laboratory of Archaeometry was established in 2007 and is dedicated to educating students in the analytical, non-invasive research of archaeological collections, absolute dating and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction studies.

Its equipment consists of optical- and stereo-microscopes, scanning electron microscopy, XRF, RAMAN, proton magnetometer, GPS and total station GPS, coring devices and sample preparation rooms.

The Laboratory has significantly expanded its regional (Prefecture of the Peloponnese), national and international impact, by promoting successful co-operations with many academic and research institutions, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, and EU organizations through research projects. It also engages in publishing and organizing international symposia and conferences on archaeometry.

The Laboratory:


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Lab Director: Dr. Nikolaos Zacharias, Professor
Postal address: Palaio Stratopedo – East Centre, Kalamata 24100, GREECE
Tel. +30 27210 54130, Fax: +30 27210 65132

The undergraduate study programme of DHACRM is certified by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (2018-2023) as “fully compliant” to a series of standards. Please read here the accreditation report