Maritime Archaeology


The Maritime Archaeology Laboratory was founded in 2007 (ΦΕΚ 1781, Τ2/5.9.2007) and facilitates research, and the teaching and practical training of students. Ιt is the only such specialized laboratory in Greece that operates under the auspices of an academic institution.

The Laboratory’s active areas of focus are:

a) the multidisciplinary study of Greek and other Mediterranean coastal zones with the aim of developing a new methodological framework of study and documentation of coastal areas.   

b) the excavation and study of shipwrecks and sunken sites.

c)  the study of life onboard ancient and modern ships.

d) the study of man’s perceptions of and interactions with the sea.

Furthermore, the Laboratory carries out fieldwork and the practical training of archaeology students. It leads the Archaeological Shoreline Research Project (A.Sho.Re.), a geoarchaeological survey and excavation project in SE Kephallenia  (Ionian Sea). For the requirements of A.Sho.Re the Laboratory has ongoing collaborations with N.C.S.R. «Demokritos» as well as the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (H.C.M.R.). A.Sho.Re. is an invited end-user of the FP 7 ITACA project (Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological Sites). In addition, this project trains students in coastal field research methods and techniques, and has collaborated with the Institute for Field Research (2014 and 2015 programmes - Read 2014 Report here).

The undergraduate courses in maritime archaeology taught by the Laboratory’s academic staff are the following:

Introduction to Maritime Archaeology

Maritime Archaeology I: The Geoarchaeology of the Coastal Zone

Maritime Archaeology II: la longue durèe of the Mediterranean

The Archaeology and Anthropology of the Sea

Field Archaeology on land and underwater

(For course descriptions see here).

The Laboratory has founded/produced:

Finally, the Laboratory owns diving equipment and compressors.

Laboratory Director: Dr. Evyenia Yiannouli, Associate Professor
Postal address: Palaio Stratopedo – East Centre, Kalamata 24100, GREECE

Laboratory Academic Staff: Dr. Chryssanthi Papadopoulou, Assistant Professor of Maritime Archaeology

Postal address: Palaio Stratopedo – East Centre, Kalamata


The undergraduate study programme of DHACRM is certified by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (2018-2023) as “fully compliant” to a series of standards. Please read here the accreditation report