Modern and Contemporary History


(GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, iss. Β΄, No. 268, 3.2.2017)

The Laboratory of Modern and Contemporary History has as mission and purpose: 

a. The cover at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of teaching and research needs of the Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management on issues that fall within the scope of the subjects of the Laboratory,

b. The utilization:

  1. of the already acquired German archives military of the Occupation (1941-1944),
  2.  of the already acquired diplomatic documents from the German Embassy of Athens over the years 1914-1944 and the diplomatic documents of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the same period,
  3.  of the already acquired memoirs from Canaris and from the Officials from the third Reich,
  4. of the already acquired diplomatic material from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USA, of great Britain and of  other European countries,
  5. of the already acquired memoirs from Greek and foreigners political and military and
  6. of the already acquired photographic and cinematic material of the events that take place during 19th, 20th and 21st century,

c. The cooperation in every form with research centers and academic institutions of the natives foreigners, if the scientific aims coincide and each other with those of our Laboratory,

d. The organization of scientific lectures, meetings, seminars, symposium, Summer School, conferences and others Scientifics events and making publications and

e. The service provision to individuals as foreseen in p.d. 159/1984.


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Lab Director: Professor Dr. Thanassis Christou
Postal address: Palaio Stratopedo – Anatoliko Kentro, 24100  Kalamata
Tel.  27210 65105,   27210 65156,   6977 677042 (mob)

The undergraduate study programme of DHACRM is certified by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (2018-2023) as “fully compliant” to a series of standards. Please read here the accreditation report