Anastasios Nikolopoulos


Anastasios Nikolopoulos, Assistant Professor

Anastasios D. Nikolopoulos was born in 1972. He is a graduate of the Model Hellenic Classical Lyceum of Anavryta (1990) and holds a first degree in classics from the Faculty of Philology of the National & Capodistrian University of Athens (1994). He was a postgraduate student of Latin literature at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where he was first awarded a Master of Studies in Greek and/or Latin Literature (1995) with distinction and finally a D.Phil. from the Faculty of Litterae Humaniores (2001) with a thesis on narrative structures in Ovid’s Metamorphoses supervised by Prof. S.J. Harrison. He has taught a wide range of classical literary subjects at St. John’s College, Oxford (1998) and Latin in particular first at the University of Patras (2002-2005) and then at the University of Peloponnisos (since 2004). In 2008 he was appointed Lecturer in Latin at the Department of HACRM, University of Peloponnisos, and since 2015 he has been an Assistant Professor, teaching all the Latin courses in both departments of the Faculty.

His published work is focused on epic poetry, old age and narrative technique. He has published Books Three (2014) and Ten (2004) of Ovid’s Metamorphoses with Greek translation and commentary in the “Library of Ancient Authors” of Stigmi Publications. He has contributed to the publication of books on the ancient world translated from English and French by Alexandria Publications both as a translator and as linguistic editor. He has also been part of the team that carried out the groundwork for the publication of a new Latin-Greek dictionary by University Studio Press. He has recently started working on narrative in archaic Latin comedy, while his lectures at the Department of HACRM frequently attempt to shed more light on the economic aspects of Roman life in the archaic and classical periods.


Tel: +30 27210 65144

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