Faculty Members - S.L.T.S.


Hara Thliveri,  Special Lab and Teaching Staff

I am a Classical archaeologist with a PhD in Classical Archaeology from King’s College London (1996). My area of expertise is the sculpture of the Classical period. From 2006-2009 I taught in the Department of Greek and Latin at University College London and I took part in the federal postgraduate programme of the University of London, entitled The Reception of the Classical Past in Modern Greece. I have taught ancient Greek art at the Open University (England) and at Christie’s Αuction Ηouse (Athens).

I have presented papers at international conferences organized by world-renowned academic bodies such as the Institute of Classical Studies in London (where I was Visiting Fellow in 2001-2002), King’s College London, the University of Bristol, the Open University of England and the British School of Archaeology at Athens. My research publications cover archaeological subjects, such as the publication of my doctorate on the Discobolοs of Myron (Institute of Classical Studies, 2013), and subjects related to the reception of antiquity in Modern Greek culture.

In 1997 I was a prize-winner at a Panhellenic poetry competition for new young Greek poets. In 2000 I published my first collection of poetry entitled Ωδές Ασωμάτων and in 2017 my second collection, entitled Αντίθετη όραση.

Contact: hthliveri@uop.gr

web: https://minedu.academia.edu/HaraThliveri


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